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The Nova Communities Podcast provides tips, tools, and insights to help volunteers and staff make a bigger impact on the organizations they serve.

Each episode takes you behind the scenes with successful influencers to share insights
and actionable takeaways to build and empower your communities.

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I'm a Community and Operations Strategist for mission-driven organizations who loves helping them see their potential so they can maximize their impact. I've seen firsthand how shared experience has the potential to inspire passion and positive action, so I'm thrilled to bring those experiences and more to you on the podcast.

... and I love volunteer driven organizations!

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Relationship building is a critical and fundamental priority in our sector in order to grow effectively and achieve high impact. To do this, we must seek out opportunities to engage with a wide range of people and entities within our communities. This means identifying and valuing the inter-connectivity of the work we do and collaboratively sharing expertise.

Community, Volunteer Engagement

Finding + Engaging Community Partners with Mia Mahaney

Today I’m sharing tips to effectively build strong, collaborative relationships with your key volunteers. These tips will help you increase volunteer engagement and be proactive in your communication.

Volunteer Engagement

Tips to Engage, Equip, and Empower Volunteers

Mark Thorsby of FrontWheel Consulting joins us as we talk about Governance and Riding a Bicycle. This simple yet effective methodology will have you seeing your Board in a new light and will help clarify the roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders in your organization.

Governance, Leadership, Volunteer Engagement

Governance + Riding a Bicycle with Mark Thorsby | 002


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