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The Nova Communities Podcast provides tips, tools, and insights to help volunteers and staff make a bigger impact on the organizations they serve.

Each episode takes you behind the scenes with successful influencers to share insights
and actionable takeaways to build and empower your communities.

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I'm a Community and Operations Strategist for mission-driven organizations who loves helping them see their potential so they can maximize their impact. I've seen firsthand how shared experience has the potential to inspire passion and positive action, so I'm thrilled to bring those experiences and more to you on the podcast.

... and I love volunteer driven organizations!

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An Operations Integration Day is a time for staff to come together to audit and clean up member communications, workflows, and systems to help you maximize your impact and drive member retention.

Leadership, Membership, Podcast

Optimizing Operations to Increase Member Retention

Bill Coon, Founder and Board President of the Keep Swimming Foundation, joins us to share the mission of the organization, progress to date, and lessons learned. His powerful message showcases the impact being made through their work and will inspire you in yours.

Community, Leadership, Podcast

Community Spotlight: Keep Swimming Foundation

We all know creating a strategic plan is important for our organizations, but how do we know if we’re doing it right? There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. On this week’s episode of The Nova Communities Podcast, we speak with Sarah Olivieri of PivotGround on why we should ditch the way we’ve been doing strategic plans. […]

Leadership, Podcast

Why You Should Ditch the Way You’re Doing Strategic Plans

Ever wonder what a winning grants strategy looks like? During this week’s episode of The Nova Communities Podcast, we speak with Lesa-kaye Holtman to discuss a winning formula, tips for stakeholder engagement, and what do to if volunteers suggest grants that don’t align with the strategic direction of your organization. Her straightforward approach has been […]

Fundraising, Podcast

How to Engage Volunteers in Your Grants Process

As a society, content distribution has gone from print to radio, to television, to the age of the internet. And now it seems there is a significant trend towards digital audio. But when people think about audio, usually it’s about podcasting. Today’s guest is going to challenge that notion and help us learn how to […]

Membership, Podcast

Modernizing Existing Content to Increase Member Value

Creating a successful legacy (or planned giving) program can result in additional funding for your organization for the future.

Fundraising, Podcast

Creating a Successful Legacy Giving Program

Today’s guest will share with us all about the importance of grant writing, the components for success, and the impact it can have on your organization.

Fundraising, Podcast

Grant Writing with Angela Boysel


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